phpGraphy Manual

(Manual built for phpGraphy release 0.9.13a)


phpGraphy is is a free PHP script that let you share your pictures on your personal website in a very convenient way.

The lastest version of this manual can be found online on the phpGraphy website. Comments are very welcome.

Table of Contents

How to read this manual
Used Conventions
1. Introduction
What is phpGraphy
phpGraphy History
phpGraphy Features
phpGraphy Architecture
2. Installation
Quick Installation
Detailed Installation Procedure
Upgrading an existing phpGraphy installation
3. Using phpGraphy
Quick Tour
Understanding security levels
Managing users accounts
Uploading pictures/files
Changing picture title
Automatically using IPTC
Changing picture/directory security level
Editing the .welcome
Special pages
Last commented pictures
Top rated pictures
Last added pictures
Last added pictures per directory
Deleting visitors comments
Manual handling of thumbnails
Setting/Removing Directory Cover
Thumbnail/Lowres pictures generation
4. phpGraphy configuration
Changing the configuration
Configuration directives reference
5. Customization of phpGraphy
What can I customize ?
Basic layout customization
Creating a theme
Modify the templates
Creating our own personal language file
Creating/Updating an official language file
Customizing display of EXIF/IPTC
6. phpGraphy and Security
Checking that my site is secure
Protecting sensitives directories
Security Best Practices
Strong password policy
Authentication mechanism
Reporting a security flaw
A. Appendix
Third-party tools
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
EXIF/IPTC keywords reference table

List of Figures

3.1. phpGraphy Screenshot when loggued in as admin
5.1. Screenshot when displaying EXIF/IPTC

List of Tables

A.1. Metadata keywords list