Chapter 4. phpGraphy configuration

Table of Contents

Changing the configuration
Configuration directives reference

Changing the configuration

Starting from release 0.9.11, configuring phpGraphy is much more easier, there is now a nice GUI (Graphic User Interface) in addition to the traditionnal manual editing.

Using the GUI - The graphical interface is accessible once logged-in as admin by clicking on "phpGraphy Settings" in the admin's menu. You'll be able to browse through the left menu to review and/or modify the different configuration options. Note that some directives are not modifiable via the interface as setting a bad value might break your configuration, you'll have to use the manual method to change those ones. Some directives are marked with a red note that recommend the use of the installation process as they might also break some part of your site if misconfigured.

Doing it manually - The use of this method is recommended for advanced users or if you've become very familiar with phpGraphy and want to modify a directive which could not be set via the GUI. phpGraphy configuration is now based on a ini file called config.ini.php located in the conf/ sub-directory of your installation. Even tough the filename finish with a .php extension, the file follow the .ini format. It should only contain directives which have a different value from phpGraphy's default (See phpGraphy initialization process(FIXME:Create link). For a list of allowed directives, please refeer to the next section Configuration directives reference