Chapter 5. Customization of phpGraphy

Table of Contents

What can I customize ?
Basic layout customization
Creating a theme
Modify the templates
Creating our own personal language file
Creating/Updating an official language file
Customizing display of EXIF/IPTC

What can I customize ?

From the beginning, phpGraphy has been built to be highly customizable, depending on your IT knowledge, you may be able to modify more or less things. The first place to look is probably the configuration menu (called "phpGraphy Settings") that is available once authenticated as admin, you'll have access to all the configuration options listed in the previous chapter (phpGraphy Configuration) but via a nice graphical interface.

If you want to modify the text, see Creating our own personal language file. If you want to modify colors and appearance, you might want to create your own theme (See Creating a theme. Here is a list of things you can customize :

  • Colours, Layout (Required knowledge: HTML, CSS styles)

  • Text, language (Required knowledge: Text Editing)

One last thing, a lot of people are wondering how to modify the title of the website, you've actually to ways of doing it but I'll only explain the recommended way which consist of following the instructions Creating our own personal language file and set the $txt_site_title variable to whatever your want.