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You've a problem with phpGraphy, something isn't working as it should, here are some tips to help you trace/resolve the problem by yourself.

The first thing to do, is to increase the value of debug_mode, follow the instructions from Changing the configuration if you don't know how to do that.

Once your value of debug_mode is set to 2 (or even 3 if 2 isn't enough), reload the page where you've a problem and look at the log file located under the logs/ subdirectory of phpGraphy. Note that you can view the last 20 lines online when authenticated as admin via the admin menu, it will only be available when debug_mode value is greater or equal to 2.

If this doesn't help you, ask for some help by following the instructions in the help section of phpGraphy website.. Don't forget to give a detailed description of your problem, the version of phpGraphy you're using, platform etc..