Chapter 3. Using phpGraphy

Table of Contents

Quick Tour
Understanding security levels
Managing users accounts
Uploading pictures/files
Changing picture title
Automatically using IPTC
Changing picture/directory security level
Editing the .welcome
Special pages
Last commented pictures
Top rated pictures
Last added pictures
Last added pictures per directory
Deleting visitors comments
Manual handling of thumbnails
Setting/Removing Directory Cover
Thumbnail/Lowres pictures generation

phpGraphy has been designed to be very easy to use, you will probably be able to learn by yourself how to use it. However, as a reference, this chapter explain the differents available actions and concepts.

Quick Tour

This section describe one by one all references of the Screenshot when loggued in as admin. It will also link to specific sections contained in this chapter.

Figure 3.1. phpGraphy Screenshot when loggued in as admin

phpGraphy Screenshot when loggued in as admin

This menu contain more options once you're authenticated as admin. As of current version, here is a list of what you can do directly from there:

  • Create new directories

  • Manage users (login, password and security level)

  • Change phpGraphy settings (almost every option can be tuned from there, see Changing the configuration)

  • View logfile (the last 20 lines - this can be handy to troubleshoot a problem)

  • Upload files (either from your computer or from another website)

  • Generate all thumbnails/lowresolution pictures (Note that they'll be generated on the fly anyway when an image is requested by a visitor)


You can add/edit the current image title. When a image has a title, it's displayed instead of the filename. Note that phpGraphy can automatically add a title to a picture using a given IPTC field. Read Changing picture caption/description for details.

C1, C2

Those two numbers are respectively the real security level of the picture and the Inherited one. For details about this, read Understanding security levels.


This button is used to validate changes that you've made to picture's details (eg: title or security level change).


This button will properly delete the picture from phpGraphy. It will not only remove it physically from the hard disk but also remove all references (comments/ratings/etc.).


This button will delete the thumbnail and low-resolution of the current picture. It may be used in cases which you're not happy with the current thumb/lowres.


Clicking on this link will delete the associated visitor comment.


This icon will appear when IPTC metadata are found inside the picture.


This is picture's metadata, you can customize the way it's displayed, for more details please read Display of EXIF/IPTC metadata.