Full featured PHP photo gallery script - Light, fast and easy to install.

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On this page you'll find a summary of main phpGraphy features, but I would also recommend you to take a look to the online demo and/or to read the documentation, to truly see the power of phpGraphy.


  •  On-the-fly Thumbnail/Low resolution picture generation
  •  Unlimited Categories and Sub-categories (it uses directories)
  •  Integrated fast text database mode (MySQL also supported if prefeered)
  •  Users comments
  •  Rating system
  •  Web/FTP picture upload
  •  Top Rated/Last Commented/Last added pictures pages
  •  Slideshow mode
  •  User level support to protect pictures/directories from unwanted people
  •  EXIF/IPTC metadata support (hot!)
  •  Multilingual support (See TranslatorPage for complete list and status)
  •  Web interface management
  •  Lossless jpeg rotation support (via exiftran/jpegtran)
  •  Video, sound and text files support
  •  Layout/Text very easy to change
  •  W3C compliant  
  •  Highly configurable (Themes/Templates)
  •  Installation Wizard
  •  Free (under GPL license)
Want to know what's planned for the future, have a look to the Development Website Roadmap


  •  A webserver with PHP 4.1.0 or greater (PHP 4.3.x recommended to get full functionnality)

I meet the requirements, take me to the download page.


  •  convert utility from ImageMagick if your PHP configuration doesn't support the use of GD (used for automatic thumbnail/lowres picture generation)
  •  MySQL if you prefeer using it instead of the default fast text database
  •  exiftran or jpegtran for the lossless jpeg rotation
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