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So you want to get in contact with phpGraphy Development Team, you may have several reasons to contact them directly by email but please check before that you can't do it by following the usual ways:

  •  Getting some help

    Please use the Getting Help section as a starting point, if you didn't find your answer, then contact the Development Team.

  •  Requesting a new feature

    Please do it via the SourceForge Features Request Interface, check first that the feature you're asking for isn't already listed, if no, please add a new entry.

  •  Reporting a Bug

    Please do it via the SourceForge Bug Report Interface, check first that the bug your want to report isn't already listed, if not, please add a new entry.

  •  Open Discussion

    If you want to discuss publicly about something that doesn't fit anywhere else, use the SourceForge Open Discussion Forum.

  •  Chat with others phpGraphy users

    If you want to chat with others phpGraphy users and/or the Development Team, why not trying the phpGraphy IRC Channel ( - #phpgraphy).

The reason why you want to contact us isn't listed above or didn't help you ? Then please use the email way below !

We definitely like to hear about yours comments/testimonials !

Contact the Development Team

  • JiM / aEGIS - Project Manager, Developer
  • oniryx - Developer
      phpgraphy [dash] devteam [at] lists [dot] sourceforge [dot] net
Note : Unable to decrypt the above email address, then please tick this box :

Contact the Site Designer

You like this website's design or phpGraphy logo, then please send compliments to my good friend Splif which is the graphical mind behind.


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