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0.9.13b (2008-06-25)
- Added javascript generator for remote HTML inclusion (ie: random thumbnail)
- Added Flash Video Player as 3rd part component to support FLV videos
- Fixed bug with MySQL authentication and password hash
- Fixed various minor display bugs
0.9.13a (2007-01-30)
- Fixed a security bug related to vulnerability in PHP itself
0.9.13 (2007-01-28)
- Added captions to slideshow
- Modified special pages links
- Added possibility to generate thumbnails from the command-line
0.9.13-rc1 (2007-01-05)
- Added RSS Feeds support on all special pages (comments/ratings/etc.)
- Added Video thumbnail support (using ffmpeg)
- Added "Direct URLs" support for public websites with large audience
- Added Automatic max_execution_time increase when generating thumbnails/lowres
- Added Password are now stored as hashes in the DB
- Added URLs to display a random thumb/lowres
- Improved Accented characters support
- Improved Voting system
- Improved Video handling
- Fixed various minor bugs
- Fixed audio files support
- See for complete listing
0.9.12 (2006-04-17)
- Fixed security bug introduced in 0.9.9 (Found by rgod)
- Fixed security bugs introduced in 0.9.12-rc1 (Internal security audit)
- Fixed minor display bugs
- Added Polish language (Thanks to Darek Kramin)
- Added Portuguese language (Thanks to Augusto Braun)
- Added Swedish language (Thanks to HÃ¥kan Olsson)
- Updated Japanese, Italian languages (See TranslatorPage for credits)
0.9.12-rc1 (2006-03-27)
- Added templates support (using Flat Frog, previously known as Smarty Light)
- Added slideshow mode
- Added square Thumbnails support (See thumb_aspect directive)
- Added automatic cover picture for directories feature (See cover_picture_mode directive)
- Added new rating calculation (take into account number of times a picture has been rated)
- Added control over action when clicking on a picture (See picture_link_action directive)
- Added Japanese language (Thanks to ELF)
- Added Danish language (Thanks to Erik Sondergaard Poulsen)
- Updated Russian language (Thanks to Roman Boutyrchik)
- Updated IPTC support, improved compatibility
- Fixed code now 'short_open_tag = off' compatible
- Fixed bugs with the users management interface
- Fixed bug with cookies on windows with server = localhost
0.9.11 final (2006-01-04)
- Fixed bug in the auto import title from metadata
- Improved multi-language support for the installation process
0.9.11-rc1 (2005-12-14)
- Added cover picture for directories
- Added title support for directories
- Added option to customize display of thumbs (cols/rows)
- Added multiple sort options for both files and directories
- Added configuration interface, no need to edit config by hand anymore
- Added proper installation process with multilingual support
- Added themes support
- Added config option: minimum level to post comments
- Added config option: highest rating
- Added *experimental* new pictures/pictures per directory page
- Added support for db_prefix with MySQL
- Improved GD generation (now working even with safe_mode to on)
- Improved debugging messages (especially for thumbs generation / login)
- Improved internal code for validating data (config/user_input)
- Improved file layout, now more splited to facilitate upgrade
- Improved title auto-import from IPTC/EXIF
- Improved XHTML/CSS (now more than 98% is W3C valid)
- Fixed don't try to generate thumbnail for non-pictures files.
- Fixed security bug related to internal security levels
- Fixed various bugs with lastcomment/topratings when using MySQL
0.9.10a (2005-10-18)
- Added Dutch language (thx to Floris Lambrechts)
- Added Hebrew language (thx to Tom Stella)
- Fixed bug when the current directory wasn't in PHP include_path
- Fixed bug in FileDB functions affecting the topratings page
- Fixed bugs in MySQL functions (On the last_commented page and when
- Fixed security checks to be less restrictive
0.9.10 final (2005-07-23)
- 0.9.10-rc1 was released as final execept for the bugs listed below
- Fixed various bugs (#1237611, #1237606, #1237597) in the picture rotation code
0.9.10-rc1 (2005-07-03)
- Added Users management via the web interface (Code by Oniryx)
- Added Lossless picture rotation support (via exiftran or jpegtran)
- Added Multiple files upload (via the Web interface)
- Added Easier installation procedure (DB struct creation for MySQL, admin account setup)
- Added XHTML 1.1 standard respect
- Added Spanish language (Thx to Vincenzo)
- Added Russian language (Thx to Max)
- Improved No more dependency with register_globals
- Improved Security Checks (Thx to Matt for reporting some minors flaws)
- Fixed Lot of minors bugfix
0.9.9a (2005-05-21)
- Added german and italian language files
- Fixed SF bug #1181369 pb with next/previous links on pictures located in $root_dir
- Fixed little security bug with random pic function
- Fixed bug in lastcommented pictures with file db (Not limiting to X last
0.9.9 final (2005-03-21)
- 0.9.9-rc2 was released as final except for the little bugfix below
- Fixed small bug with PHP5 in the new function used by random and genall mode
0.9.9-rc2 (2005-03-12)
- Removed two remaining system() calls, now random and genall functions should work
- Fixed a bug with both $use_iptc & $use_exif switched off (#1159099)
- Fixed a bug in the topratings page (#1157674)
- Fixed a bug in the lastcommented page when in file mode
- Fixed small bug in (hard coded icones path)
- Added $txt_show_me_more in language file
- Added CSS #dirlist id
0.9.9-rc1 (2005-03-02)
- Added a function to edit .welcome file from the interface (PHP >=4.3.0 required)
- Added a function to (recursively) delete directories from the interface
- Added an option to remember the name for visitors posting comments to your site
- Added $highres_min_level variable, so you can set which users must have in order
- Added $use_comments variable so you can disable users comments
- Added the possibility to add/copy file from URL's (PHP >=4.3.0 required)
- Added a lot of text variables (and also restructured languages files)
- Added IPTC metadata handling (Auto-importing the IPTC field of your choice into
- Added 'auto' mode for thumb_generator, this will try to detect automatically
- Added session support as authentication method (cookie is still also
- Added automatic redirection to login page when trying to view an unauthorized
- Improved the exif function, completely rewritten so you can now customize the
- Improved the HTML/CSS code
- Improved the conversion code for GD (You'll now get true colors lowres/thumbs)
- Improved the upload function (it should now work on more PHP config)
- Improved a lot of code (it's now more PHP >= 4.1.0 optimized)
- Fixed when in random mode, if you click on the picture you get another random
- Fixed a lot of minors bugs
0.9.8a (2005-01-19)
- Corrected a small display bug with numbers of comments per pictures
0.9.8 (2005-01-19)
- Added more text to the language file (
- Added french language ( due to popular demand
- Added thumbnails to the Top rated pictures
- Added a check that ensure you've changed the default admin password
0.9.8 -pre5 (2005-01-06)
- Added a brand new fast text file database support ! no more MySQL dependency
- Added convert_to_file.php script to convert your existing MySQL database
- Added in
- Added a lot of checks to make your life easier if something isn't working
- Added for customizing filetypes
- Added, now display the numbers of sub directories and files per directory
- Added "Regen thumb" button to actually delete an image thumb and lr if you're
- Added EXIF data support
- Improved, all previous versions used mysql_connect instead mysql_pconnect
- Moved all db-related stuff in their own include files
- Improved, moved all text variables in a language file instead of config
- Improved filetypes handling
- Improved the way to display .welcome files by using an include instead of
- Improved "Last comments" function
- Improved navigation functions
- Improved Security Level handing by adding the notion of "Inherited Level"
- Improved default convert options to get smallers thumbs/lowres pictures
- Fixed a lot of bugs
- Fixed php 4.1.0 functions access (thanks to Esben Peter Hansen)
- Modified, now need to be logged in to be able to view high res pictures
0.9.7 (2001-10-15)
- Fixed directory security level change bug
- Fixed (finally) the "next/previous after random picture" bug
- Added sound, video and text files support (thanks to Thomas Devanneaux!)
0.9.6 (10/10/2001)
- Added top rated page (make a link to index.php?topratings=1)
- Fixed a small bug when linking a blank commented picture
- Better error messages when using GD library (thanks to ouline)
- Added pic deletion thru admin interface (thanks to ouline)
- Added some admin interface text configurable in
0.9.5 (28/09/2001)
- Small bugfix in random picture and automatic generation
- Should work on Solaris now (Thanks to Kenny Root)
- Some html "security" holes fixed
- Pictures ratings! (Thanks to sIX)
- Unnastified source files from DOS carriage returns
- Other minor bugfixes
0.9.4 (02/02/2001)
- Latest comments now display the image description
- Added random picture feature
- Bugfixed security level system
- Fixed empty user comments
- You can now generate all thumbnails/low res pictures at once
0.9.3 (01/25/2001)
- Now backward compatible with PHP 3.0.18 (thanks to Alex Martin)
- Some text variables added to config file for more customization power
- Admin can now delete unwanted comments
- Image sorting can now be reversed thru a ".desc" file (thanks to Merou)
- No more restricted to ImageMagick; added libgd support and image convertor
- Can now be either "convert", "GD" or "manual" for platforms that don't
0.9.2 (01/24/2001)
- Works with the latest ImageMagick (thanks to Paul Horbal)
- Added 2nd image comment. see usage
- Semaphore stuff is now optional since too many people had problems with it
- Should work on a lot more systems and providers
0.9.1 (10/11/2000)
- mued added convert auto detection
- First release
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