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phpGraphy - Where are we ? - Tue, 21 Aug 2007 09:04:23 GMT

Last news is kind of old but we're still there ! Actually, we've been enjoying a real summer break but are decided to get back to work asap. Firstly we'll try to work on the fixes of bugs that have been reported since the last stable is out and then the big step forward, phpGraphy 1.0 !

0.9.13a security fix release - Tue, 30 Jan 2007 00:16:03 GMT

While browsing using my favorite search engine, I came across an exploit for phpGraphy 0.9.12. After some investigation I came to the conclusion that this exploit uses was using a flaw in PHP itself not in phpGraphy, however the result is the same, people using phpGraphy along with unpatched PHP versions are vulnerable ! Please UPGRADE *asap* to the latest PHP and/or phpGraphy versions, this exploit is serious and might lead the attacker to gain control over your webserver.

0.9.13 final released - Sun, 28 Jan 2007 17:00:16 GMT

I'm proud to announce phpGgraphy 0.9.13, the latest major number of the 0.9.x family. This version is a minor enhancement over the release candidate 1 but 0.9.12 users might want to have a closer look to see if there is any cool feature they want on their site like RSS feeds, video thumbnails etc.

We'll now be working on the next 1.0 release that should include a bunch of new exciting features like a search engine, statistics, etc. It'll also be the first phpGraphy release to break the database structure backward compatibility but evolution has a price !

We'll be waiting for your feedback on this release, so please, take some time to do so.

phpGraphy 0.9.13-rc1 released - Fri, 05 Jan 2007 17:15:16 GMT

After a long, long waiting period, we've finally made it, the first release candidate of the 0.9.13 release is out ! With this release come some new exiting features like RSS Feeds, Video Thumbnails, a "direct URLs" mode and much more. Please read the Changelog for the full list of changes.

Please report any bugs or weird behavior on our development site (

phpGraphy - Back on the track - Fri, 15 Sep 2006 09:01:01 GMT

Summer is now over, no more excuses not to code anymore :) Oniryx and I have finished to sort out the roadmap ( for the next release (0.9.13) - Main features are: RSS Flow for the lastcommented/toprated/lastadded pages, thumbnails for videos, ability to move/rename directories and files and internationalization of the error messages.

This release is going to be the last one before the 1.0 branch, basically before we make some changes to the database structure which is getting a bit old since there hasn't be any change on it since release 0.9.6 back in 2001 :)

People that do want to help with the testing are more than welcome, meet us on irc, see our contact page for details.

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