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about phpGraphy
Brief history

phpGraphy has originally been written by Christophe Thibault in year 2000, he has driven the project for almost a year, from the first release 0.9 up to release 0.9.7. Then he become too busy to continue improving the application.

I decided to continue to add the features that where missing to me. At the end of last year (in 2004), while chatting with Christophe, I told him about the modifications I've made etc. and that's how we came to "Hey but why won't you take the project maintenance ?"

Since, another developer (and now friend), oniryx, has joined the ranks and we're both doing our best to continuously improve the application.

JiM / aEGIS, Actual Project Maintener
phpGraphy Philosophy

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Even if this acronym may appear in some cases a bit reducing, I think that coding with this philosophy in mind is a key point if you want something to be both efficient and accessible, you need to concentrate on your main goal and not add funny but useless features.

Efficiency, fastness and security, here are the keys point behind phpGraphy. When adding new features, I try to do my best so that it's efficient for most users, from the small photo album of hundred pictures to the huge picture collection of ten-thousand files.

Development Status

You can follow the development of phpGraphy by visiting our Trac Development Site. Why not on SourceForge directly ? Simply because Subversion is much more powerful comparing to CVS and also because Trac rocks :)

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