35mm Equivalent Focal Length Calculator

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How to use the tool ?

Select the camera from the list for which you want to calculate a 35mm focal equivalent, of course you also need to know what is the original focal length. Then simply enter the original focal length in the appropriate field and press the 'Calculate' button. It will display the 35mm focal equivalent.

How does it works ?

It uses a list that contains the sensor's size for every camera referenced. The file is called sensors.dat and is part of the phpGraphy package that use it to automatically calculate the 35mm equivalent when displaying EXIF metadata.

My camera is not in the list, how can I calculate the 35mm equivalent ?

There is already plenty of sites that explain it very well, use your favorite search engine to find a one that suits your needs.

How to add my camera to the list ?

There is 3 required values, 2 of them Make and Model are located in the EXIF medatadata of a picture taken with your digital camera, the third one, the sensor size can be found in the technical specifications of your camera book or on the internet.
This list will only grow with your contributions and you're more than welcome to contribute, for now there is no automatic way of adding a new camera, simply send an email to the phpGraphy DevTeam (See contact page of phpGraphy) with either the 3 required values or a link to a picture taken with your camera (NOT an attached picture please !).

Most common sensor sizes table

1/3.2"  5.680
35mm film36.024.043.3