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You'll find here a collection of the most frequently asked questions.

Thumbnails are not generated, I've got red Xs instead
You may either have :
  • A problem with your thumb_generator (but this should issue an error)
  • An unresolved error message (The most common case)

If phpGraphy detect a problem with your installation, it will output an error message which will have as second effect to prevent the thumbnails to work properly. This will be corrected in the future but however you should resolve all the errors msgs which are displayed. In order to see all errors msgs, debug_mode should be set to 2 in your config file and ideally you should be logged-in as admin.
I've got permissions problems, can you do something to resolve those problems ?
No we can't, this depends of your webserver configuration and a lot of them are not *ideally* setup, you'll find details about this on a white paper that I wrote. (Web Applications and permissions problems). FYI, chmod is your friend to resolve those permissions problems.
I'm getting 404 not found errors when I'm trying to login and/or on some others links
The value of SCRIPT_NAME isn't filled properly by the PHP installation, you need to override it. As you're unable to authenticate, you'll have to edit conf/config.ini.php manually and add the following line (valid only if you didn't change the name of index.php).
script_name = "index.php"
See script_name configuration directive for more informations.


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