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welcome to PHPGRAPHY
phpGraphy is a free PHP photo gallery script released under GPL license. Since its beginning, it has been written with simplicity and efficiency in mind following the KISS philosophy.
It should fit many needs, thanks to its easy installation process and minimal requirements, it can be setup in less than 3 min to put a small photo gallery online. For users with thousands of pictures, don't worry as phpGraphy does use a real directory tree to store the pictures (as you probably already have on your hard-drive), you'll just have to upload your whole picture collection et voila, phpGraphy will generate the thumbnails and low-resolution pictures for you and even better, it can also auto-import IPTC description in the database (if already embeded in your pictures).
It integrates a bunch of nice features like comments, rating, EXIF/IPTC handling, go to the Features page for more details. If you want to see script in action, try the Online Demo. If you want to try-it now, go on the download page.
Development Status
Next release: 1.0.0 - Progress bar:
0.9.13b minor bug fix released - Wed, 25 Jun 2008 11:31:03 -0000

phpGraphy hasn't evolved much lately but our lifes have... and spare time has been highly reduced...

As I write these lines, oniryx has been father of a little boy for the second time, congratulations to him and his wife !

What so ever, we're still planning to release a 1.0 some day and this last 0.9.x release is a proof that we'll be. Forcoming changes in the dev repository will probably break the database compatibility that we where able to provide until then, so be careful for those that are the dev release !

phpGraphy - Where are we ? - Tue, 21 Aug 2007 09:04:23 -0000

Last news is kind of old but we're still there ! Actually, we've been enjoying a real summer break but are decided to get back to work asap. Firstly we'll try to work on the fixes of bugs that have been reported since the last stable is out and then the big step forward, phpGraphy 1.0 !

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